Best Three Superfoods That Are Delicious And Prevent Cancer

Doctors have found that a diet rich in the right foods, such as superfoods, can prevent over 50% of cancers. Mainstream media has not been presenting this information, yet documentation on these statistics has been known for many years about superfoods. Natural methods and approaches are always ahead of the learning curve when it comes to science. In our society today, science is used as a confirmation tool, regardless of the information that has been presented for years. What is also very exciting is nutrition and medical research accepts that some superfoods have cancer prevention properties.

Fortunately, there are a multitude of superfoods available, which means you can enjoy their benefits without having to eat a monotonous diet every day. Cabbage, which can be consumed in many forms (such as cole slaw) has some powerful anti-cancer properties.

Many people don't realize that cabbage is very high in Vitamin C, and it's also a very good source of fiber. Making sure you get enough fiber every day, especially from vegetables, is one of the best ways to protect yourself from cancer and other diseases. Your intestinal walls can accumulate toxins, and fiber helps to get rid of these. If you've never heard of prebiotics, then you should get familiar. For your digestion and overall health, the beneficial bacteria in your intestines need a certain amount of fiber, and prebiotics are one important kind they feed upon. If you don't eat tomatoes, you should start! They have quite a bit of nutrition in get more info them. This veggie is also full of superfoods to help protect against cancers. Perhaps you have heard of lycopene? It is an antioxidant within tomatoes that has been under scientific scrutiny for decades. If you want to prevent colon cancer, or perhaps if you have cardiovascular disease in your family, the phytochemical lycopene is a great place to start. General free radical fighters found in tomatoes are vitamins C, E, and A. There are so many beneficial effects that can arise from the multitude of compounds found within super foods. Essentially, tomatoes have many positive component, many of which fight several different diseases, along with cancer.

Phytonutrients play an important role in protecting you against cancer, and indoles, which can be found in broccoli, are a potent source of these. Most people are not aware of the power of indoles, but the important thing is you should get them in your diet.

When you consume indoles, your body is able to get rid of harmful toxins with carcinogenic properties. Another characteristic of indoles is that they help the body maintain the right balance of estrogen. Having too much estrogen can cause certain diseases, including cancer. Even if you're not aware of it, estrogen is contained in many processed foods today. Indoles are healthy for everyone, but if you're concerned about illnesses such as breast cancer you should go out of your way to consume more of them. Protecting yourself against cancer is easy to do as long as you know what superfoods you need to take. If you read scientific journals, go to certain websites, or even in certain magazines, success stories about the super foods continue to pop up. Instead of it being a near death sentence, cancer diagnosis is no longer doom and gloom as it once was. It is now quite common for doctors to prescribe utilizing both forms of treatment, natural and traditional, when a person is facing cancer for the first time.

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